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Trump Speaks Truth To Reality

Social Justice Whiners claim they speak, ″truth to power″, but actually they just lie. President Donald Trump is ′Old School′, he speaks ′Truth To Reality′. During a meeting at the White House yesterday, it has been reported that President Trump may have said something offensive. The alleged story is that there was a meeting with a ′gang of 6′ Senators offering a plan for the DACA issue. The proposed plan actually expands DACA, visa lottery and chain migration programs, rather than shrinking or eliminating them. Needless to say, President Trump rejected the plan. He then allegedly, perhaps out of frustration with the senators, said, ″Why do we admit people from shithole countries?″ He allegedly suggested that maybe Norway or other nations might be better. Needless to say, once the Fake News Media caught wind of this, the TV hosts and commentators got their panties in a bunch!



CNN and MSNBC essentially dedicated the rest of the day to wall-to-wall coverage of this topic. The White House denies the statement, as well as others attributed to the President from the New York Times, etc. All of which try to paint him as a heartless racist. Obviously, one of the senators or their staffers who were present leaked these alleged comments to The Media. One could say that perhaps this was in retaliation to President Trump rejecting their plan to expand immigration programs without funding border security.


Let us say for one moment that maybe he did say something along the lines mentioned. Why is it that we seem to only be admitting people from shithole countries? For example, we have many foreigners here on Temporary Protected Status, or TPS, visas. These are refugees from countries which have experienced some major natural disaster or crisis. Some of these people have been here for over a decade after the disaster or crisis they were fleeing. Why are they still here? Why don′t they go home and help rebuild their countries? Isn′t 10 or 12 years long enough?


This is one of the reasons why President Trump ran for office and why so many support him. He is tired of America being viewed as a ′Sucker Nation′! We are always on the short end of every trade deal and treaty thanks to the wishy-washy leaders we have had running our country for the last 28 years. Even Ronald Reagan got suckered into granting amnesty with the unfulfilled promised of increasing border security. If we go back to 1965, when Ted Kennedy and others saddled America with a major change in immigration policy, practically ending visas to Europeans, the American people were promised by our leaders of the day that the new policy would not effect us.


America is now a washed in immigrants. Nearly 1 in 5 residents are foreign born, and in some states, like California, the ratio is even worse. About 40% of the ′illegal immigrants′ are people who have overstayed their legal visas. Past administrations have done little to correct these problems. And this is a problem! Immigration advocates often defend their positions by justifying the presence of these immigrants, bot legal and illegal, on their contribution to our economy. However, when you break down the numbers, actual citizens contribute about 25 to 30 times more to our GDP than non-citizens. And, yes, statistics do show that non-citizens are far more likely, by a factor of about 7, to commit crimes in America than real citizens.


The drain on our economy, in providing assistance to non-citizens, as well as incarcerating those who are criminals, is estimated to be around $300 Billion dollars per year. Since much of our statistical data has been sanitized by past administrations to hide the impact of excessive immigration policies, the number may be much higher. Yes, we do have labor shortages in many crucial sectors where granting visas do benefit us. Which is exactly why President Trump wants to adopt better, merit-based visa programs, like those of Canada and Australia to deal with our labor shortages.


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