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Trump Thanks Bannon For Service

On Saturday, President Donald J. Trump thanked Stephen K. Bannon for his service to his campaign and administration. Bannon submitted his resignation as White House Chief Strategist on August 7, giving the new Chief of Staff, John Kelly a ′blank slate′ to work from. Steve Bannon had always intended to leave the White House between Labor Day and the end of the year. He returned immediately to Breitbart News, from where he vows to go to war against those who oppose President Trump.




Bannon was perhaps the second most misunderstood and mischaracterized person in Washington, DC after President Donald Trump, himself. The Fake News Media tried to paint Bannon as some sort of Svengali like manipulator, yielding too much power. But the truth is that Steve Bannon was just somebody bright enough to realize that letting ′Trump-be-Trump′ was the best way to go.


Back when Andrew Brietbart was alive, he and Bannon would often have long chats during the night, sipping their Glenfiddich scotch, discussing how to destroy Liberalism. They conceived a plan which would take about the next 50 years to execute. Not bad, considering that Liberalism has been infecting our political system since the very founding of the nation. We can blame Dr. Benjamin Rush for this, as he was an early advocate for free healthcare and education. Dr. Rush, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and later a critic of General George Washington, was also an early leader in the Temperance Movement, the forerunner to what we known today as the Liberal-Progressive Movement.


Liberalism has entrenched itself in every institution and aspect of our society, from entertainment to education, and from finance to government. This is ′The Establishment′, elitists who believe they know best when it comes to running our nation and being overlords of our lives. On the top of the food chain are the ′white-shoed′ elites from Ivy League colleges of America′s East Coast. Those from Harvard, Yale and Princeton get the choice jobs running Wall Street and Washington. Through programs like the Rhodes Scholarship, they mingle with their elite comrades in Europe.


Steve Bannon had plenty of first hand knowledge of this bunch, especially during his days at Goldman Sachs. He is well aware of their Globalist ambitions and their general contempt for the ′Average American′. This is why he was such a value to the campaign for President Donald Trump, who also has never been fully accepted by these Elites. As a businessman, they tolerated Trump to an extent, but even then, they opposed Trump during his early days as he began developing real estate on Manhattan Island.


Perhaps the biggest misunderstanding promoted by the Fake News Media is the alleged association between Steve Bannon and the so-called ′Alt-Right′. In truth, the Alt-Right actually targeted Steve Bannon, using their ′Meme Magic′ to disparage him. Of course, the Fake News Media misunderstands the Alt-Right, too! This hodge-podge of various factions and groups has no real leader nor even single agenda, except, perhaps being opposed to Globalism and Open Borders.


Having been a target of the Alt-Right himself, Bannon quickly learned how to use their tactics and adopted some of them. As it was, he was in agreement with some of their messages, such as stopping rampant illegal immigration and the growing ties between Big Business and Big Government. Now that he is free from the restrictions he was under as part of the White House staff, Steve Bannon can once again use Breitbart News to fight against the Elites. Not only those of the Democratic Party, but also those who have made a home in the GOP. While President Trump has been busy fulfilling as many campaign promises as possible himself, he is getting very little support from Republicans in Congress, especially in the Senate.


Stephen K. Bannon understands that the fight for Liberty is a long one, going well beyond a single election or candidate. So we thank him for helping President Donald Trump getting a foothold in the White House. But make no mistake, the fight doesn′t end there. As Churchill might say, this is only the ″end of the beginning″. The battle against Liberal-Progressive ideology will take two, if not three generations to overturn. Steve Bannon needs to help get other like-minded candidates elected to move the Trump Agenda forward. Also, to inspire others to join the fight and infiltrate the corners of education, Media, business and government. Breitbart News will not be enough. We need a whole new, independent media network, with its own communications infrastructure. Companies like Google, Facebook, PayPal and GoDaddy are busy censoring the ′Average American′.


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