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Why I Voted Straight Ticket Republican

by Andrew Zarowny, 10/22/2018


Count me in as part of the #VoteRed movement! For the first time in my life, I voted straight ticket Republican for the 2018 midterm elections! Since I started voting in 1979, I usually spread my vote around among several political parties. Typically I vote Republican for the major offices, like President, U.S. Senator or Governor. For lesser offices, I would vote for candidates in the Libertarian, U.S. Taxpayer or Constitution parties. Sometimes I might even throw a bone of a vote for a Natural Law or even a Green Party candidate. Just, if for no other reason, to encourage them to keep trying and keep them as an option for future election ballots.



But not this year! Last night I filled out my absentee ballot for the State of Michigan. I went straight down the ballot and voted for every Republican running. For the most part, I am proud to have done that. We actually have some pretty good GOP candidates for once. Especially John ″Hellfire″ James who is running for the U.S. Senate. I wrote an article here endorsing him long before President Donald Trump did.


There are three basic reasons why I vote straight ticket Republican this year. First, to show my support for President Donald J. Trump and hopefully help him get his agenda passed, as well as set the stage for a huge victory in 2020. Secondly, while I do not like the Democrat Party policy agenda, if they have one, I really do not like this latest wave of embracing and encouraging mob violence. They must be penalized for this!


Thirdly, I have come to the realization, thanks to President Trump and his 2016 victory, that none of the Third Party organizations are truly serious about winning. Sure, many have fine people who mean well. But they are all failures! Especially the Libertarians! They′ve been around for over 40 years and what have they accomplished? Worse yet, some of these Third Party candidates have been the cause of Democrats to win elections. A few might have helped Republicans defeat Democrats, like Ralph Nader or Jill Stein of the Green Party. But Third Party candidates usually help Democrats win.


In 2016, President Trump showed America, and the world, that money is not as big a factor in politics as previously thought. He defeated Hillary Clinton spending less than a third of what she did. Even when you toss in all of the PAC money, it was less than half. Candidate Trump won by having a better message which connected with ordinary, average Americans than Hillary had. He also worked harder to establish that connection. Especially in today′s era of social media, a clever Third Party candidate ought to be able to do quite well, if he or she really tried to win.


So, this year, I did not reward any Third Party candidate with a wasted vote. I still am not happy that we have a two-party system. But, right now, the stakes are just too high to be fooling around. We must focus all of our energies to defeat the lunatic Democrat Party from bringing further harm to our nation. I hope you join me and vote straight ticket Republican in this 2018 midterm election as I did.


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