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Forged In Fire Bladesgiving Marathon

Boycotting NFL football over idiot players kneeling during the National Anthem? Don′t worry, there are plenty of other TV viewing options today on Thanksgiving Day 2017. My favorite will be on the History Channel with its ″Forged In Fire″ ′Bladesgiving′ Marathon. I love ″Forged In Fire″! It is the coolest show on TV, despite having fiery forges kicking out 1,400 degrees of heat. Given all of the hoopla over women being sexually harassed of late, it may serve us well in reminding us all that a good knife is your basic weapon for self-defense. A knife is truly a gift of love!




There are some other TV marathons, too. The El Rey network is having a Kung Fu Turkey fest showing various classics all weekend long. Including one of my favorites, ″The 36th Chamber of the Shaolin″. Over at BBC America, they ran a ′Holmes for the Holidays′ marathon yesterday of ″Sherlock″ episodes. Today, they will run a ″Star Trek″ marathon all day with episodes from the original series. AMC will be airing ″The Godfather″ all day. I haven′t seen who, but I′ll bet that somebody will air ″Miracle of 42nd Street″, too. Hopefully the original.


But for myself, ″Forged In Fire″ is my choice for fun and excitement. The series is a game show for artisans and craftsmen. Four blacksmiths and bladesmiths compete in three rounds for a $10,000 prize. The first two rounds take place in a studio workshop, where competitors usually have 6 hours to make a working knife in their own signature style, following certain parameters in length. A panel of three judges then test the knives for sharpness and durability. The two finalists are then sent back to their home forges to make a sword from some historical period in 5 days. The swords are then tested vigorously by the judges. The best earns the winner $10,000.


The series certainly pushes competitors to their limits. On a number of episodes of ″Forged In Fire″, there have been injuries and health issues. The heat and physical demands are stern and the clock is always ticking away as our smiths race to finish their blades. Working steel is a form of art. Yes, there is a lot of science involved, but skill and experience are no guarantee for success. Many a knife fail and even shatter due to some minor error in judgment or execution. Every strike of a hammer, every second of heating and cooling changes the nature and structure of steel.


If you have never watched ″Forged In Fire″ before on the History Channel, today would be a good day to check out an episode or two. The ′Bladesgiving′ marathon is sure to be fun and a welcome relief to much of the other crap shown on TV. We may even get a chance to see Kali martial artist, Doug Marcaida, described as an ″expert in edged and impact weapons″, carve up a turkey. He certainly likes slicing up salmon and sides of beef and hogs with swords! So check it out and enjoy the holiday.



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