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The End Of Rick Grimes

by Andrew Zarowny, 10/29/2018


The end of Rick Grimes is upon us. The lead character of AMC TV′s hit series, ″The Walking Dead″, played by actor Andrew Lincoln, appears to be quite the pickle. A horse threw him, an he landed on a hunk of rebarb, piercing his gut. Meanwhile, not 1 but 2 herds of ′Walkers′ zombies are headed towards him. Spoilers for next week′s episode look like some sort of dream scene as Rick is probably bleeding out, or being eaten alive. The show′s writers and special effects crew are pulling out all of the stops to make the death of Rick Grimes memorable.




For 8 and a half seasons, ″The Walking Dead″ has been one of the top rated series on television. Much like the original ″Star Trek″ series was a ″Wagon Train to the Stars″, ″The Walking Dead: is essentially a ′western-horror′ series. A zombie apocalypse provides a backdrop for a cast of rugged individualists to find their way through a wilderness of perils. With pluck, luck and that old pioneer spirit, the cast combine their skills and efforts to face danger on their long journey.


There have been many changes through the years, but one constant was Rick Grimes, who quickly emerged as a leader of a group of survivors. In the very first episode, Rick is shot while chasing a bad guy. The wounded deputy sheriff of King County, Georgia is hospitalized where he lapses into a coma. He awakens a month later only to find that the whole world has changed. A strange plague has turned millions of people into flesh-eating monsters. Thus, Rick begins his journey to find his family.


Which, he does. His best friend and partner, Shane, rescued Rick′s wife and son, and leads a group of survivors hiding in a wooded area far from the madness. Rick is helped by many, including a former pizza delivery guy, Glenn. The group has a number of people who become long-term comrades of Rick, namely Daryll and Carol. Along they way, they meet others, like Maggie, daughter of a veterinarian named Herschel. They also lose people, too. By the end of the second season, the group is on the road, searching for safety.


As we enter Season 3, we learn that the ′walkers′ are not the only threat. Other groups of human survivors are also dangerous as they compete for dwindling supplies from the pre-apocalypse era. Rick′s group becomes a target of madman leader known as ′The Governor′. While Rick and his group find shelter in a prison, The Governor plots their destruction. By the end of Season 4, the prison is attacked and survivors are scattered. Season 5 follows them on their own, separate journeys until the all converge on another potential sanctuary known as Terminus. But, it turns out that the ′Termites′ are cannibals who lure survivors in for food.


After rescued by Carol, Rick and his group meet others who are headed for Washington DC, allegedly with a plan to end the apocalypse. Season 6 takes our heroes to Alexandria, Virginia, where they find a community in a walled enclave. By this time, Rick is suspicious of everyone. He warns the Alexandrains that the safety they think they have is fleeting. Conflicts arise as the newcomers clash with the its residents. In the end, Rick emerges as the leader of Alexanderia, only in time to face a whole, new threat.


They learn that there are other communities in the area. There are also groups of scavengers, too. Plus a huge herd of walkers to deal with. Then they face ′The Saviors′, led by a tyrant named Negan who more than matches ′The Governor′ in ferocity. Season 8 consists mostly of Rick dealing with The Saviors, first as their slaves, then as rebels. He organizes an alliance of the other communities to fight The Saviors and free themselves from Negan. Many die but in the end, Rick and his alliance win and Negan is taken prisoner.


Season 9 has followed our heroes as they try to build a new world. There are still walkers to contend with, but, for a short while, everyone is working together, even former Saviors. But, this does not last long. A combined effort to repair a vital bridge which connects all of the communities leads to reopening old hatreds. The peace which Rick brought is now crumbling. Maggie, who leads The Hilltop community, wants revenge and plans to kill Negan, who sits in a jail in Alexandria. The Saviors are attacked by another community, Oceanside, which has begun a campaign of revenge killings.


In the midst of this, Rick and Daryll seem to have become enemies. Daryll sides with Maggie and wants revenge on Negan, too. They fight when Rick tries to stop Maggie and wind up in a deep sink hole. Trapped, Rick and Daryll have to work together to escape, especially as walkers begin falling in the sink hole with them. They put aside their differences and work to deal with a new threat, two large herds of walkers headed towards the camp of bridge workers. At the camp, a riot has broken out as Saviors battle Carol and those from the other communities. The noise is attracting the walkers right for them.


So this is where we are left as Rick tries to lead the herds away on horseback. But the horse is startled when the second herd of walkers approaches from a side road towards the bridge. Rick lands on a pile of bricks and old concrete blocks. One block has a pair of steel rods sticking out and Rick lands right on top of one of them. Impaled, Rick now faces certain death. But fear not! ″The Walking Dead″ will go on as a series on AMC-TV. Our remaining heroes will be facing two new threats shortly. A new breed of walkers known as ′The Whisperers′ as they seem to talk, and a new group of humans who have military helicopters. Rick Grimes has done well getting his group this far in the zombie apocalypse. We′ll see who emerges as the new leader to overcome the new threats.


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