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FISA Court Rebukes FBI

Today, Rosemary Collyer, the Presiding Judge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, FISC, issued a public rebuke to the FBI.  This comes a week after the release of the DOJ Inspector General report of FISA warrant abuse in 2016.  That report by IG Michael Horowitz details hundreds of errors, omissions and outright lies which were part of the FISA warrant application to wiretap former Trump campaign volunteer, Carter Page.  Many of these errors were repeated in the four subsequent applications to renew the warrant, which only lasts 90 days.  According to the New Times article by Charlie Savage, Judge Collyer demanded that the Federal Bureau of Investigations provide her with a plan to prevent such from happening again by January 10.  The FISC also wants more documents and information about the FBI lawyers who acted to mislead the judges.

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FISA Abuse Memo Released, Exposes Comey And Others

Friday morning, President Donald Trump officially declassified the FISA abuse memo produced by the House Intelligence Committee. Counsel to the President, Don McGahn, then returned to memo from the White House back to the committee. Shortly after 12pm Eastern, the memo went public for all to see. The reactions have been very mixed and mostly predictable. Members of the Democratic Party and their allies in The Media are railing against Rep. Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, for pushing this memo. Many Republicans, like Sen. John McCain are also upset. I′ll get back to him, later. But, for all of their bluster, opponents to the memo′s release have been shown to be hysterical liars. The memo does not besmirch the FBI and DOJ as a whole, nor does it endanger national security by revealing any sources or methods. What the memo DOES do is inform of public about several bad apples who were entrusted to run the FBI and DOJ, and then abused that trust.



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