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Schumer Caves, Shutdown Ends

The government shutdown of 2018 ended Monday after Chuck Schumer caves to popular pressure. Reports are that about 20 Senate Democrats were ready to bolt, fearing voter angst. Polls were showing that not only was the public very opposed to the shutdown, but were also against amnesty for DACA immigrants and supportive of the agenda of President Trump. About 54% want ′The Wall′ built and other issues like ending chain migration and the diversity visa lottery program ranged from the mid 60% range to low 70%. Around 71% even want the numbers reduced on legal immigration from current levels. In short, Schumer and the extreme Left miscalculated, both on who would get blamed for the shutdown and on the sentiments of the voters.


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Government Shutdown 2018 Poster Wars

On Saturday, Government Shutdown 2018 took a left turn into the Silly Zone over some posters. Back on Friday, as Senate Democrats threatened to filibuster and block the continuing resolution vote, the Trump White House branded it as the #SchumerShutdown. Immediately, social media erupted and the hash-tag quickly began trending. So much so that the Democrats hope that the Republicans would get blamed for the shutdown evaporated into thin air. Polling was done and the results were in, even the Liberal news media had to admit that Government Shutdown 2018 was the fault of the Democratic Party.



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Schumer Shutdown, Dems Get Blamed

Talk about political miscalculations! Even the Liberal news media has failed to prevent the Democratic Party from being blamed for Government Shutdown 2018. Ever since Friday when Dick Mulvaney uttered the phrase, ″Schumer Shutdown″ to the White House Press Corps, Senate Democrats have been painted into a corner. I have no doubt that President Donald Trump, the master of branding, coined the tag-line. #SchumerShutdown has been trending big-time on Twitter and other social media. Even a CNN poll shows Democrats being blamed more than President Trump or Republicans.



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